Pat Bryan Enjoys Senior Living

One of our very own Independent Living residents, Pat, talks about her wonderful experience living here at Prairie Vista Village! See below the article from the Iowa Living Magazines- Altoona edition:

“Pat Bryan grew up in the Des Moines area and moved to Altoona in 1968 because she wanted her children to grow up in a smaller community with good schools. She and her family lives there for 29 years before relocating to Pleasant Hill for 19 years. Four years ago, she return to Altoona, calling Prairie Vista her home since.

Bryan lives in her own apartment within the residence but enjoys that her breakfast and lunch are served in a common dining area, where can socialize with other residents. Her housekeeping and maintenance are also taken care of, and she can hop on a bus that takes her and other residents to businesses around town, or in a van that will take them to doctor appointments.

It is very worry-free, Bryan says.

She feels that Prairie Vista has a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful administration of people who are caring and approachable. When COVID-19 hit, Bryan says that they shut down everything immediately and handled it well, keeping everyone informed along the way. She especially appreciated that the Altoona Public Library brought books throughout quarantine for residents to enjoy.

Prairie Vista also hosts lots of activities for its residents. Bryan says this enables her to socialize with others and helps with folks’ mental outlook. During quarantine, they made sure to continue these activities safely with activities such as trivia or bingo. The administration puts an emphasis on celebrating holidays as well, most recently by decorating the hallways with American flags for Memorial Day. They’re very good at keeping residents entertained, Bryan says.

There’s almost something for everyone, she adds. They just really take good care of us here

.Prairie Vista recently re-opened its dining area at full capacity, which felt like a homecoming when everyone got together again. It’s amazing how you form friendships, Bryan says. This is really a nice asset here.”

Five Ways for Seniors to Stay Hydrated During Hot Summer Months

It’s hot and humid, but the sun is shining without a cloud in sight. It is easy to throw caution to the wind and run outside with your kids and grandkids. It’s also easy to suffer from dehydration in this kind of heat.

By no means should you stay inside all summer and never enjoy this beautiful weather. Here are five ways to stay hydrated during the hot Summer months.

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Five Ways to Stay Hydrated 


Simple enough, right? Water is the best way to stay hydrated during the summer months, but it can be a hassle to keep up with it. And if you are out and about with friends and family, it can be more challenging to make sure you are drinking enough water. The best way to correct this is to set reminders on your phone every 15-20 minutes. When the reminder rings, it is time to drink a glass of water.


Water is the best hydrator, but you can be in danger if your salt levels are too low. If you have not supplemented enough salt into your diet during the day, you must drink electrolytes. Some electrolyte

 options include Gatorade, Body Armor, Liquid I.V., and coconut water.

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Cooling Towels

Our bodies are pretty temperamental. Cooling towels are excellent choices to help stay hydrated because they assist your body’s natural regulation system–homeostasis. As you hydrate, keep a cooling towel on your neck to help your body maintain a stable temperature.

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Avoid Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Stay hydrated this summer by avoiding energy drinks and alcohol during the day. Energy drinks contain copious amounts of caffeine and sugar. Even if you get sugar-free beverages, the caffeine can hurt your heart as your body works to stay hydrated.

Alcohol is another drink to avoid. While you might enjoy a cold drink at the end of the day, drinking a few during the day while outside will dehydrate your body more quickly.

It is best to save energy drinks and alcohol for times when you are inside and relaxed.

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Don’t Be Outside for Too Long

When you enjoy the beautiful weather, it is easy to forget how long you have been outside. Unfortunately, the longer you are out in hot and humid weather, the harder it is for your body to stay hydrated.

Limit your time outside to less than an hour when you have no coverage or indoor facilities nearby. If you want to take long walks and strolls, try going during the morning or later in the evening.

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Enjoy Your Summer, and Stay Safe

The most important thing for you to do this summer is enjoying it with your friends and family. When you use these five tips along the way, you are guaranteed to have a safe summer regardless of the heat and humidity.

So get out there. Enjoy your summer, and stay safe!