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Dementia Caregivers Sarasota

At Caregivers United, we help families find the right dementia caregivers in Sarasota for their seniors. We hire and assign the most experienced, skilled, and compassionate caregivers to look after our clients. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose our agency for dementia care in-home services:

1. Safety of your senior

Our clients’ safety will always be our #1 priority. Our staff members go to great lengths to make your senior feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. We supervise your loved one throughout the day for adverse symptoms and administer medications on time. We have several positive reviews from past clients vouching for our services’ quality, safety, and timeliness. We train our staff members continuously on how to provide the utmost care, meet our clients’ physical and emotional needs, and treat them with respect and compassion.

2. Regular health tests and on-time communication 

During the pandemic, we make sure that our caregivers are safe and healthy to offer our clients the highest level of care. We conduct temperature checks and other appropriate health tests and keep those test results on record. These tests ensure our caregivers’ safety, along with the safety of our clients during the pandemic.

We maintain continuous communication with our caregivers and clients and maintain a daily record of the visits, your seniors’ medical reports, and check-ups. Whenever necessary, we’ll also update you on the changes in your seniors’ health status and make sure that you are fully aware of your seniors’ health quotient.

3. Disease-specific care to the clients 

We always avoid cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to caring for the seniors. We make sure to assign a skilled caregiver for Alzheimer’s care in Sarasota for seniors who can assist them in therapy, personal care, running personal errands, medication reminders, and other daily living activities. We are a reliable agency for dementia care in Sarasota, FL, with diversified services. Our goal is to improve your senior’s quality of life with our highest level of personal care and support.

4. Flexible schedules

As a leading agency for Sarasota FL Alzheimer’s care, we provide a flexible schedule to meet your senior’s needs. Our experts will modify the schedule to accommodate your senior’s changing medical needs, and provide additional hours of care if necessary. Our center offers the best at-home Alzheimer’s care and make sure that our clients can always count on us.

5. Resolving grievances of the clients

We value your comfort over everything else and make sure to resolve your grievances, if any, with a legitimate solution. If you have an issue with one of our caregivers, we’ll focus on resolving it asap. If you are unhappy with our caregiver’s services, we will assign a new caregiver in less than 24 hours and ensure uninterrupted care for your senior.

Get in touch with us at Caregivers United to request a courtesy visit; call (941) 225-0055 today. We are the #1 dementia caregivers in Sarasota with an excellent staff team, hundreds of positive reviews, and several years of experience.

Dementia Caregivers Sarasota

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Dementia Caregivers Sarasota

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